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This catamaran website’s main purpose

Is to be a resource site for the catamaran owner, displaying different catamaran related topics as catamaran sailing, navigation, catamaran safety, catamaran resources, how to handle the catamarans, the presenting of both new and, if preferred, the buying of a used catamaran for sale - or as displayed on the menu line.

Regarding preparing a safe and nice catamaran sailing

First: When a solid catamaran safety attitude has been established aboard by a drilled crew, they knowing and mastering professionally the performance of their duties and how to handle the catamaran and how to give orders to eventual passengers under both normal and extreme situations, combined with a well prepared voyage planning as well as a pre-departure check/- inspection of the catamaran (including the emergency equipment and identified catamaran critical components - being replaceable, if possible, should a breakdown situation occur. Of course an experienced sailor knows the necessity of replacing those critical components and lesser critical components before they are worn out or collapse); then you can calmly, but attentively, commence your safe and nice catamaran sailing.

The word "catamaran"

- is originally an indian word, ”kata maru”, meaning bonded logs, which today has developed into many beautiful catamarans, offers a great flexibility of life at sea, both for you and your friends and family, with dreamlike experiences both under way and when beached or anchored at undisturbed destinations.

Catamarans - advantages

Regarding the catamaran concept - I find it very appealing compared to ordinary monohulls, especially if you have several family members/friends as sailing companions; i.e. - the advantages are obvious, which for the most are:

little or no heeling.

An easily accessible outdoor deck area and space available for use, makes for instance sail shift and reefing easier and less risky, considering falling overboard.

No deep center keel - makes anchoring at shallow waters / at beaches less worrisome and much more practicable.

Cabins in separate hulls - offering more privacy and less disturbance from the rest of the crew/passengers.

And the dining area / galley thus being located above and away from the cabin area, both of which are very important factors to be considered when sailing together for long periods, consequently adds to the prevention of unnecessary eventual irritations that otherwise might have occurred.

high sailing speed potential and a very good stability.

Catamarans are usually equipped with 2 engines, making them much more manoeuvrable when motoring, and of course, if one engine fails, you can still manoeuvre safely.

Catamarans will most likely not sink if filled with water; of course a very important fact when considering the term “catamaran safety and survival”.

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